Thursday, November 26, 2009

4-1-2-2-1 FM Freak Kid Tactic

Hi guys! Today, I would like to share the tactic I used to beat big teams to great success.

The typical 4-5-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 as I called it...

Result After Using:
I started using this tactic during my 1st season with Q.P.R and beat Premier League team often enough even with a mediocre squad.

I continued using it in my Premier League survival quest and it's still work wonders for me.Up until now, I have only lost 1 game using this tactic which is 1-0 defeat against Man Utd.Other than that, I have been able to snatch points from the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool with ease.I even beat Chelsea using this tactic.

Below are the results my team get after using this tactic.Make no mistake, the team had never lost more than 1 goal using this tactic.

1st season(in Coca Cola Championship):

2nd season(in Premier League):

What You Need?
To use this formation to its greatest potential, you need

-Ball Winning Midfielder
Key attributes: Passing, Tackling, Bravery, Aggression.

-Good defensive midfielder
Key attributes: Marking, Tackling, Teamwork, Work Rate.

-Good Attacking Wingers
Key Attributes: Crossing

-Target Man
Key Attributes: Finishing, Heading, Jumping.

I have already uploaded the file to megaupload.You can click the link below and download it.

Click HERE.

Where To Put This File?

After you finished downloading the file, open my documents.Then, proceed to the folder Sports Interactive.Open up Football Manager 2010 and paste the file in the tactics Folder.

Have fun trying and good luck ;)


Q.P.R beast said...

These look interesting mate, may give them a go :)

FM Freak Kid said...

Good luck trying out!Tell me if it works well for you too.

Anonymous said...

i also play same formation however we play with beautiful brand :)

Leftback : defense minded type
left centre back : ball winner type
right centre back : ball winner type
rightback : attack minded type

rightwing : dribbler type
right centre mindfield : playmaker type
defense centre midfield : holding type
left centre midfield : playmaker type
leftwing : runs channel type
striker : penalty box type

team tactic : attacking
passing : mixed
tempo : veryfast/risky
crossing : mixed
defense line : normal
closed down : own half

i did not use team playmaker & targetman

defender : having leftback with defensive minded always act as centre back & having attack minded
rightback it always forward to help midfield on right side

midfield : by using dual playmaker are much effective than single.

having 3 different type of forward i dont have to sign which is the targetman as this 3 works very good.(pure forwards then as a winger)yes they did cross but they work more as a forward.

although this formation can still consider as 4-3-3 however you will find out your right back linked with the midfield thus creating 3-4-3 or sometimes 3-2-5 will offer u much attacking during the transition from defence to attack.

when it comes to defence it will turns back as 4-1-2-2-1 thus AI always confuse ;)

i do not change each player role but all player must follow team tactic.

conclusion : always scored more than 2 & less concede so good luck :)

Anonymous said...

could u please tell me what size of pitch this tactic best suit with? thnx

FM Freak Kid said...

Do use the maximum pitch allowed...The u need larger pitch for the wingers to exploit the flanks

Anonymous said...

File named as a possible threat to my computer, Spyware and other programs u dont want on your computer.

Anonymous said...

I use a very similar formation when playing much stronger teams too. I play on the counter, with lots of closing down to crowd out all their players on the edge of my box then break with quick wingers.

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