Sunday, January 31, 2010

Record Breaker!

Baros is crazily good!This is his second seasons with us and he just can't stop scoring and beating records.

24 league goals by December! Crazy.

Previous record of his in 2011, 23goals in a season.Now, it's only halfway of the season, he already scored more than what he scored last season.Impressive.

9 man of the match! His previous record of 8 came from full season.

Anyway, he just beat Keirrison's record by 5seconds.

He is now the record holder for scoring the fastest goal for Queens Park Rangers.

I wonder what happen if I sign him earlier.Insanely good and getting him on free just make me can't stop smiling!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally Dream Come True!!!

After all this hard persuasive request, after wasting years, after request over and over again, FINALLY!!!

Finally, we get a new stadium.I pissed them off quite frequently because I keep requesting extension despite knowing that town council won't approve.They surrender because of my constant bugging and I won the battle to get a new stadium

Here's a screenshot of the board plan. Click to enlarge =)

Overall, the whole construction of new stadium will cost around 75m pound.However, we only have to fork out another 42m because we are able to gain around 33m by selling Loftus Road.

This stadium will take around 2.5 years to complete.Estimated complete by 21st June 2015 which is the end of next season...

New stadium with undersoil heating and a bigger capacity...Wooooo! I wonder what they gonna name it though...Hmmm...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get Snubbed

Never thought this would happen...Sakho was for sale and Kroos can be signed on pre contract which is a free transfer.When I declare interest in Sakho and Kroos, both reacted positively.They want to join me...Join our club...

After all,the stature of the club improved greatly after we got 2nd in league and qualified for CL.

In the end...

I lose out both of them because I can't offer them the wage they want.Again and again, the wage capital is killing the chances of me getting good player.

Screw the board.When will they give me a decent wage to sign QUALITY players I want?

*long sigh*

Monday, January 25, 2010

November The Crazy BUT POSITIVE Month v2

Just a short post.Sorry for short little post.I have few important things to attend to in my real life.

November is a crazy month for but it's cool anyway.I won all my games and Baros was in crazy form....

9 Goals in 5 matches. What more can you ask from him? 3 goals against top 4 teams and 1 goal against top 5 team.Splendid...

His partnership with Keirrison is awesome, assisting each other well. Keirrison himself scored 4 goals in 5 matches.

Their fruitful partnership won me yet another Manager Of The Month award.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

November The Crazy Month

November was a crazy month.Two big clubs manager quit their job.One get sacked, another resigned.

I felt guilty.Apparently, the one get sacked was Thomas Schaaf from Manchester City who got the sacking right after my game against his team.

I felt really bad.I made him lose him job.

As you can see,

just my last post, Thomas Schaaf was topping top 3 of Best manager of September.

One month later, he lost his job and I played a big part.

This is the game where he lost his job.

And we came back from behind YET AGAIN.Baros scored another goal.He loves scoring.

To add salt to injury, to add on the misery to the sacked man, I was touted as the favourite to get his job.How irony.

I also became favourite to take over Rafa Benitez who resigned to take over England job.

What a crazy month.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FM Skin- Gianni Skin

Found this awesome skin on It's called Gianni Skin and made by Gianni Agnelli from sortitoutsi forum.

I like the main menu background.It's awesome and definitely very attractive.The first time I saw it, I was like "WOW".

*Click the image to enlarge if you wanna see it clearer*

The fact that the creator use the old font of CM3 make it even more tempting.Typical classic fonts.

It's something new from the old old skin we found with old old fonts.I just like it so much that I must share it here!

I can't resist and download it straight away.How can you not try this out? :D

Anyway, before you download, let's give credit to the creator.Click HERE to says thanks and if you have any problem, ask THERE as well.

Link To Download:



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Like To Do It From Behind.

Sounds weird? Sounds wrong? But that's the fact.My team like it from behind.If you follow my blog close enough , you will definitely know that my players like it so much that they do it almost every match.

My 1st match of Champion League football this season was against Sporting CP.

To be honest with you guys, I took them lightly and it backfired.I put on Areola as GK instead of the in form Joe Hart.

Before Half Time, Miguel Veloso already scored 2 goals to put the away team in lead.2 goals lead.I don't want to lose the match.I hate losing.Losing at home makes it worse.So, I took few risk taking steps by reverting the original 4-4-2 into 3-4-3 and I made 2 changes in Half Time.

Weirdly, these 2 players changed the whole game and the scoreline.

Full Time:

We came back from behind to draw the game.

This is the players rating and stats after the match.

Apparently, I took out 2 wingbacks and Connolly made up the 3 centerbacks in defence.

Keirrison, Baros and Cristaldo lead the striking line.As you can see Baros didn't score in this match.You might be laughing that someone like him won't be able to keep up the form and continue scoring.The fact is,

He scored 4 goals in 4 matches in league.One of these 4 games he played was actually from bench.In other words, he scored 4 goals in 3 starts .

Right now, he is the Premier League Top Scorer with 7 goals in as much games.

Because of him, I...

Won the September Boss Award. <3 Baros!

Monday, January 18, 2010

An Unlikely Hero Emerges.

Hey guys, I'm back!!!Back to my game,the season kick start with an away match against Spurs at White Hart Lane.Looking at the fixtures ahead, I feel suicidal especially with us facing Spurs followed by ManUtd and another away match against Sunderland.None of these matches are easy.A good early start is necessary for a small club like us to start picking up confidence and pace to match with the rest of the elite teams out there like Arsenal FC, Chelsea Fc, Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC.

For the 1st match against Spurs, 3 new signings made their debut.Fabian Monozon, Rafinha and Julio Baptista made their debut for the club.For Spurs, Defoe and Keane lead their striking line and that sounds worrying for my defense especially with Monzon and Rafinha being new to the club and understanding wise, we are losing out to Spurs.

A bassong-Dawson partnership doesn't sound very tough to break through hmm?Unfortunately,HT came, score still 0-0.Bassong and Dawson are holding Baros and Baptista in their pocket.

75minutes passed and the score remained the same. 3 minutes later, a player whom my former assistant deemed as "decent" player that we should "signed as last resort" broke the deadlock and scored the only goal.

Baros comes to the saviour.

Full Time:
Tottenham 0-1 Q.P.R

Just 3 days later, we are playing one of the biggest team in the world.Although they finished 13th last season,they are still one of the biggest team that we can't take them lightly.

Due to the fact that most of the players are not in their 100% condition, I have no choice but to make few changes.In addition to that, 4 days later, we will be playing against Sunderland which we have a better chance of winning.So, resting some key players are essential.

Baptista came off for Cristaldo.

Rafinha replaced Salvio.

Rodwell who played as Centerback in the match against Spurs moved to center , replacing Cattermole.

Connolly played as Centerback, replacing Rodwell.Shawcross took up the rightback position left behind by Rafinha.

This is the final formation and lineup.

Kacar remained in his DM role which he did well for the past few months since joining us in January.

The game started well beyond my expectation.In 30minutes, we already have 5-6 scoring opportunities.

In 35minutes, Manchester United gave away a freekick which Otamendi scored a volley from close ranged.

HT: 1-0. Q.P.R unexpectedly leading.

The game continued as both sides have fair amount of chances to change the scoreline.A determined Joe Hart kept out the ball to allow the team remain leading with a goal.

A victory looks likely with the team approaching 90minutes.2minutes of injury time added.The scoreline remained the same until the final few seconds.

Baros took on few players and scored a goal!Baros had now scored 2 goals out of 2 matches.

Full Time:

Queens Park Rangers 2 - 0 Manchester United.

The 3rd and final match of August was against Sunderland FC.

Same formation was used.2 changes were made with Salvio and Aliev coming in on both flanks.

Before half time,Dembele scored a goal to push Sunderland into leading the match before Cristaldo scored to equalize.

Late in game,Salvio put a cross into the box and Baros, out of nowhere,headed it to put QPR into lead.

Full Time:

Now, Milan Baros already scored 3 goals in 3 matches.2 of them were winning goals.I'm expecting him to win the Player Of The Month award.

The best signing I ever made. Free but effective!Hopefully, Baptista can follow Baros' footstep.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stop Stealing ,Thieves!

In game, big clubs steal my staffs.In real life, pricks steal my staff list.Why everyone so obsessed over my staff?The owner of the site said, he doesnt like cheating but he does like stealing.Copied the whole list of my FM 2010 5 Stars Coaches List and announced to the whole world is his own list.You made me angry because you are stealing my works and refusing to acknowledge the hardwork I put into this blog.

Take a deep look at these screenshots.

For the last 5 coaches of fitness to be the same, for the first 3 coaches of goalkeeping to be the same.If you want to copy, do a better work.I don't have to show the full list because even a 2 years old kid know that's copy cat job.

If he had credit the whole article back to original source, which is here, fine.Nothing wrong with there.There, he had the audacity to claim the list is his by saying

"I do not like cheating so i did not use any program or something else... I have managed some teams in FM 2010 until now starting from the first release date and now what i do is just sharing my experience.
You are always welcome to add my list your findings."

Owner of fmaddicted, you can kiss my ass if you want to steal my articles that badly.Do we have to settle this with the help of lawyers?

To the rest out there, stop stealing!Bad things just happen these few days.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Official Announcement about Domain

No.There isn't any domain anymore.The fact that Belal changed his mind all of a sudden means, he is quitting the team.A while ago, he requested to join my team.One moment ago, he asked me to post an introduction about him joining the team.One moment later, he wanna quit.

Friends around me are telling me he is trying to steal the web traffic by redirecting everything to the new domain and after doing just so, he kicked me away.Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.Either way, it doesn't matter.He can do what he want and that's up to him.

He approached me via twitter to tell me that he read my Christmas post and wanted to go along with me about my dream of having a new domain.So, I thought Santa came earlier.But it isn't.I don't know what he is up to but to break someone else dream in such a way is really disgraceful.

Anyway, it's just my rants.The main thing I wish to highlight is, that fanatic site is not mine and I won't post there.So, stay tune here.Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still Queens Park Rangers!

Hi guys,I'm still managing Queens Park Rangers.It's my 4th season .Normally,the very 1st thing I do for early season is to sign players to improve the current squad but this time around, I should be signing a new assistant manager to help me out because....

Big clubs keep stealing staffs away from me.Each and every season, I have to replace someone in some area.Damn it.If only our club is bigger and richer(in wage), I'm sure I will be able to keep them in club! Screw those big clubs!

For the start of season expectations, I chose qualifying for continental as our minimum season expectation despite finishing 2nd last season.I'm trying to play safe.

Even for that,we got as much as 27m of transfer budget and as little as 725k in wage.I think as usual, I will spend some money to increase the wage budget.

Back to transfer activity,I sold off Andrea Dossena, Peter Ramage and others simply because they are not good enough to be in the 1st team.They had been blowing cold and hot for sometimes.They just cant play consistently and force me to find replacement to replace them.Sorry and thanks for everything.

In this transfer window, I made as much as 8 transfer.4 of them are hot prospect for the future.

Initially, I signed a wonderkid for left back position.A Regen 17 years old with incredible impressive stats- Sorin Velicu.Due to the fact that he is only 17 and yet to reach 18, he can only join my team in January.That left me no choice but to sign another left back for the time being and I splashes 14million to sign Monzon from FC Lorient.

Here's Monzon's stats.Click to enlarge if you want to see it in a clearer view.

For right back position left behind by Peter Ramage,I signed Rafinha from Schalke.He will fight his right back position with Dan Gosling, the young gems in my team.

Julio Baptista arrived on free to replace the Santa Cruz who just cant score goals for me.Took 2.4m from Burnley and wave my hands , saying goodbye to Santa Cruz.

Kaspars Gorkss was sold off to Reading for 500k and Shawcross arrived from Man Utd for 4m pound.

Other signings like Areola, Derbal,Caldirola and Velicu are hot prospect I signed for reserves :P

For our fixture, we start our season with a trip to White Hart Lane before playing Man Utd at Loftus Road.

But the most important match will be the one on 27th October, vs Chelsea.They are our fierce rivals and of course it will be the most important match for the 1st half of the season.

For preseason friendlies,

The pre season friendlies have been brilliant.We won all the matches.Joe Hart had been impressive, keeping 5 cleansheet in 6 preseason friendlies.Not only that we are able to keep as much as 5 cleansheets, we also won the matches with big score margin.Simply brilliant!

I can't wait to kick start the new season! Til then!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Simple Plan

It wasn't long ago that Beckford and Leeds United dumped Manchester United out of FA Cup.They didn't win any medal for doing so but there's a great sense of satisfaction for sure.Well,finishing the 3rd season with a trophy gave me a sense of satisfaction.Well, winning the league cup certainly isn't a big thing to shout about but, it's still a trophy, right?Coming second in the league didn't win us anything but our fans will certainly will remember this day.

I have a simple plan ahead for future.I wish to win most of the trophies out there before beginning a new game with the latest patch.Here's the list of trophies that we might be able to compete for.

Coca-Cola Championship
Community Shield
Carling Cup
FA Cup
Barclays Premier League
Champion League
Europa League
European Super Cup
FIFA Club World Championship

For all the 9 trophies listed, we have already won 2.

Coca-Cola Championship-
Carling Cup-
I will be happy to call it for an end if I can win 4-5 trophies from the other 7 that we haven't manage to win.I wonder what club I should be managing if I do quit QPR game. :D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The 3rd Season Ends On High

Finally, I managed to finish the 3rd season and the team came out with an outstanding yet unexpected league standing.

Because the thin depth of squad, we suffered few setbacks in the last few games, losing a lot of points and letting Liverpool took the advantage and won the league just one point more than us.Still, I have to give credits to my team for their spirit to fight until the end that led us to this incredible standing in league.

Finishing 2nd in the league allow us to gain as much as 19.6m pound.Not that I get to use the money anyway but still, I'm happy for the team.

A lot of people didn't expect us to do that well in league but it all thanks to 2 person.They are Keirrison and Baros.Because of their outstanding lethal partnership, we won a lot of games we shouldn't be winning because of the odds that were against us.

Baros scored 23 league goals and Keirrison scored 22.What bargains I get by signing them.Keirrison only joined us for 5millions from Barcelona while Baros is a free signing I made in the summer.Not only Baros scored 23 goals for us, he also

created as much as 14 goals in league. Top 4 goalscorer in league, top 4 assists in league.Brilliant signing.For now, he is definitely THE BEST SIGNING I ever made! Simply outstanding.

Here's Baros overall stats for this season.

He scored an outstanding 29 goals and assisted another 16 goals in his 37 starts and 7 subs appearances.

Keirrison, on the other hand,

scored 27 goals in all competitions and made up 8 assists.He also among the top 3 in the league average rating chart.

Captain Jones top the chart of making the most successful tackles per game, beating World Class players like Mascherano, Essien in the process.

Just in case you guys forget...Folks, we are into Champion League next season!