Saturday, January 2, 2010

FM 2010 Target Man : The Top 7 by FM Freak Kid

You see,I get bored easily.I got bored of top 10, top 5 which is why I'm trying something new...Why not Top 7?

This list is purely my own Top 7 of the best Target Man available in game.It doesn't mean you MUST have the same top 7 target man like I do.You might have your own list which is different from mine.Anyway, the list will be sorted out alphabetically. No one is #1 or #7. Everyone is equally good and have their own strength and weaknesses.

The Top 7 Target Man of FM Freak Kid

Alberto Gilardino

Frédéric Kanouté

Oscar Cardozo

Pavel Pogrebnyak

Peter Crouch

Vicenzo Iaquinta

Wayne Rooney

That's the full list of top 7.In case you guys didn't know, Peter Crouch is insanely good in my game. He actually scored a hat trick against ManUtd during my 3rd season with QPR.Till then thus!


Laxeyman said...

How come Rooney and Pogrebnyak are in the list when there heading (and in Rooney's case Jumping) are so poor? Apart from those I would probably agree with you though, and it is quite an interesting list.

FM Freak Kid said...

Hi there Laxeyman. I picked Rooney and Pogrebnyak because their overall attributes for target man are good enough to be lised.See the highlighted attributes? They are all attributes required as a target man and Rooney and Pogrebnyak only weak in one out of the 10 attributes needed.So, I think they should be qualified for the top7.

Bilal Ahmad said...
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Bilal Ahmad said...

Alberto Gilardino is really good when I played against Fiorentina he was definately the biggest problem for me.

FM Freak Kid said...

His heading, jumpin and finishing are great which is why, be it ball to feet or ball to head, he can still score.In my game, he always finished within top3 of top goalscorer in Serie A.Definitely someone we should look into buying if we need a reliable goal poacher.

Bilal Ahmad said...

Yeah His headers were constantly giving my goal keeper trouble. I just stuck Gallas on him and made him rough him up and eventually he got injured luckily for me!

FM Freak Kid said...

Getting him injured is a wise choice.Anyway,I think what you need to do is to close him down frequently and mark him tightly.Oh yea, field tall defenders too.

Anonymous said...

Raul - Real Madrid ;)

Anonymous said...

wayne rooney is the perfect target man in my real madrid game scored a hat trick on his debut in the europe super cup

Anonymous said...

Peter Crouch the bean score is the perfect target man and scoring machine

Tim Cahill said...

I would say 1st:Dzeko,2nd:Drogba,3rd:Fellaini,4th:Crouch,5th:Iaquinta,6th:Cardozo,7th:Gilardino/Luca Toni(not top 3 due to age). U could even use box to box CM with forward run set to often like fellaini or tim cahill

FM Freak Kid said...

Thanks for your suggestion, Tim Cahill! :D

Tim Cahill said...

Forgot to list these guys too...Adebayor,Batuhan Karadeniz,Caracciolo,Necid(cska),Kuranyi,Zigic,Hugo Almeida,Diabate, k.Jones,Llorente and Lukaku. If looking for cheap option there is Libor Kozak,Rob Friend,Adam Nemec

Anonymous said...

Ruud van Nistelrooy makes for an excellent target man in the first few seasons of the game (before he gets way too old...)
First touch: 17
Heading: 17
Long Shots: 15
Aggression: 10
Bravery: 16
Determination: 15
Teamwork: 15
Work Rate: 12
Jumping: 15
Strength: 14

He's also 188cm tall, he has 19 for Finishing and Composure, 18 for Off the Ball, 17 for Decisions and Technique.

In my first few games as a manager of the Bundesliga outfit Stuttgart I accidentally played him as a target man when I brought him in to substitute Almeida and I forgot to switch his instructions... and he scored 2 goals in 15 mins, both headers... then a few games later against OM I brought him in as a target man again (deliberately this time... lol...) and he bagged 2 goals again.

diablodunka said...

If you want a cheap target man - Alfredo Moreno

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