Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FM 2010 Leave Of Absence

Anyone try giving their player leave of absence before because the player is experiencing homesick?

Recently, I bought an Italian Gem...He failed to adjust to life in England...


So, I gave him leave of absence and he left for Italy...

During the period of his absence(1-2 weeks later to be exact), another team player get injured by him...

So, I thought he came back....I checked his status and found out that....

I bet he know how to teleport!!! *evil grins* Maybe next time I should play him in a match and ask him teleport the ball into the net... ;)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bargain Midfielder

Found this cheap, awesome star in the making...Stats resembles those like Essien, Mascherano yet available for less than 1m.


Jay Spearing from Liverpool reserves.

Taken this when I m in my 3rd season with patch 10.3 ;)

For those who need cheaper options for DM/CM, you guys can consider Jay Spearing from Liverpool reserves.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skill Factor 2.2 (Final Edition)

This is the final version of Skill Factor. Skill Factor was made to give you a general view of your team. Skill Factor calculates the suitability for a player for each position, role and duty.

"Manual" in Finnish and English are included!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

January Transfer update 2010 Across the World V3

Found this awesome piece of transfer update.Thought I should at least share it since someone was asking for it few posts back.

I believe I'm not the only one experiencing the bugs, the crash in patch 10.3.Maybe, staying on with patch 10.2 is an option with this January Transfer Update.

File details:
Changes in Update

=Manager Changes
=Staff Changes
=Some Manager Contracts
=Some Player Contracts
=Done Transfers From Cross The World
=CA/PA Changes in this Update
=New England To Level 10 Leagues
=20,000 Database Changes
V2 Changes
More transfers inc all the one's people suggested...
Sven Left notts county
Other managerial changes
CA/PA Changes on players

V3 Changes
More transfers done with help from NCFCBertie
Ben Greenlagh-Football's next star winner now at inter
Alot more CA/PA Changes to players
Deleted all old injuries but not added any new one's Eg. Arteta/ Jagielka not injured
All little things ive missed b4

There is bound to be little things ive missed so anything ive missed or you think should be corrected let me know and ill change them



Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Soooo sorry.I'm too busy to attend my real life that I almost have no time to do any other things.

Anyway, do not worry as the next update will be tomorrow.

Sorry for not posting.The regular post will be back tomorrow.Thanks!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buggy Patch 10.3

Technically, patch 10.3 should give us better game experience with little or no bug at all since it is the final patch for FM 2010.

Well, having say that, I have to admit I have great expectation towards this latest patch and was expecting something better than what I experienced so far.

As the title suggested, I encounter a bug which I have never encounter before in my entire life.All this time while I was playing FM series game, I have never see this kind of ridiculous, stupid bug in my game...not until now...And this is the latest...or supposedly the best patch for FM 2010 we are talking now...

Alright, let me tell you guys what happened in my game...

To make it short, I'm in my 2nd season with Liverpool and they are facing Benfica in the Euro Super Cup.


As the screenshot suggested,"technically speaking", my team won the Euro Super Cup with the scoreline 2-1.

Torres scored a goal on 27th minutes while Di Maria scored the winning goal on 118th minutes.

Do note that I bold the 118th minutes because that's the buggy part.

First of all, the goal never exist. Why?

Because Di Maria never score any goal and the match went on to penalty shootout!

Take a look at the report. There is nothing happen on 118th minute of the game.No goal, no fouls and NOTHING!

So, of course the penalty shootout is legit and the result should stand the way it is.

Otamendi missed one of the penalties and Benfica actually won the shootout.

However, it turned out to be that, the 2-1 result became the final and official result.

I robbed the cup from the rightful winner.

Heck, this is patch 10.3 we are talking about!

Fantastic.Seeing how dumb this latest patch is, I m in rage and decided to go back to 10.2 patch. Ridiculous!

Monday, March 8, 2010

FM Freak Kid Update: Patch 10.3 addiction!

Regular update will be delayed a little because I'm busy trying out the new patch.

It seems like bugs are fixed.Stats are corrected?I saw quite a number of players' stats look different from before.

Anyway, next post I will post up the adaptivity of players in each league(based on the latest patch).

Stay tuned ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Second Paid Signing

Sorry for making you guys waiting but here's my second signing. Remember what I said few posts back? This season, due to the fact that Milan Baros turning into a bargain signing, I tried my best to sign as many quality free signings as possible.

Sakho was my one and only signing until I paid another chunk of cash for this Italian.

I remember there was a time where I posted my ranting about missing out on Aquilani because he chose to move on loan to Aston Villa instead of joining me.

Now, after a season gone, I finally have the chance to sign him.His stats are still pretty good.

Most importantly, just one month after signing him, his price raised by 500k.

When I saw him on transfer list with a price tag of 7.5 million, I quickly made a move.Now, he is estimated at 8 million pound.He will prove a competition for my midfield area and hopefully, he will gel well with Cattermole!

Frank Lampard? Steven Gerrard? Cesc Fabregas? Hell no, it's Alberto Aquilani in the house. :P

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Football Manager 2010 v 10.3.0

Patch 10.3.0 is out! The long awaited patch is finally out!

The data update includes all transfers and management movements up to and including the January transfer window, as well as the 10.3 patch for the game, which will be the final update.

Download links from official site:

FM2010 Retail Boxed (Patch) - PC

FM2010 Digital eSellerate (Patch) - PC

FM2010 Retail Boxed (Patch) - Mac

FM2010 Digital eSellerate (Patch) - Mac

FM2010 Digital eSellerate (Full) - Mac

Do note that this new patch data only applicable for new games started.Like the usual old patches before this 10.3.0 patch, existing game cannot apply the data in this new patch.

So, fellow FM Gamers, have fun playing a new game with the new patch!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Chelsea Fantasy Kit

I'm not a Chelsea fans obviously but I found these fantasy kits made by Duncan.g very nice indeed.

Good work from him and I believe sharing it with the rest is a must.Took this from here


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