Friday, April 30, 2010

FM 2011?

I can't wait for the new FM 2011 to come out but it won't be out for at least another 5-6months.

Have you read the news about West Ham putting everyone on sale except Parker? It would be interesting to have a try on West Ham newly-overhauled squad next season in Fm 2011.

City, Liverpool FC, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal would probably be signing few players to improve their current squad as well.Hee, it would be fun to see and try out the new squad of everyteam.

P.S: QPR story continue next post =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Show Your Authority As Manager

Do players obey you? Do they even respect you? Do they have doubts about your managerial skill?Well, afraid them no more and show them who is the boss around.

It happens to me when I fined a player and he,despite playing badly, said the fine was harsh.

Never in my game, I have my team losing to team fighting to avoid relegation in a big margin of scoreline.

I had one now.My team lose 4-0 against Wolves in League Cup!!!They beat the shit out of us and the worst player on pitch was Matic.

Rating of 4.5 out of 10.Stunning and surprising performance.

Then, he came out saying he is SHOCKED to be handed an official warning despite playing badly.

What's so shocking about the fine when you played badly?

I don't have much patience for him and transfer listed him straightaway.

Good that,NAC Breda actually came in with a bid of 7.5m for him...So, Matic played his last game against Wolves and bid farewell with the supporters.

Thank you very much for the money and bye bye!

So guys, if you have encounter something like this, don't hold back.Sell them out, get someone better in.Show them who's the boss!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Five Matches

Started the season with difficult matches ahead. In the first five matches, two of them are against the top 4 team, Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC.

Imagining my thin defensive line defends against world class players like Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba alone is killing me...

The first match was Community Shield against Liverpool.Managed to win despite Fernando Torres banged in few goals for Liverpool.Cristaldo, Aliev, Salvio and Keirrison all managed to get on the scoresheet.

Newcastle game was a disappointing match.We lost a player as early as 4minutes when Kacar get sent off.Then, we blew off the 2-goals lead we had.

After Newcaslte get their man sent off, we still failed to score.What a let down.

But I must say, the match against Chelsea was a great one with us managed to score just few seconds into the match.

Mbia opened his scoring account with a strike that not even Cech can save!By half time, it was already 3-1 with Milan Baros and Otamendi adding a goal to their name each!

Barely 1minute into the second half, Baros scored yet again to end any hope for the Blue to make any comeback.It's impossible now and we won it fair and square.

Overall, the first five matches were great albeit a little disappointing in the third match.Great months ahead and I can't deny I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hunting For Bargains- The Free Deals

I think I'm crazy in some sense.I love bargains. I love cheap stuffs.Worse still, I love free stuffs.So, in FM 2010, I tried my best to hunt for contract-expiring players in order to persuade them to join my team for free in the summer.

They say you pay peanuts you get monkeys.You pay for what you get.So, these free players certainly not good enough which is why their clubs are letting them go for free but after what happened to my signing of Baros, I think that's rubbish.Baros, a free signing I made was an instant success and is a huge success...One nobody will ever forget.He bangs in goals like some goal scoring machine.

Thus, I made a huge list of free signings, in an effort to find another Milan Baros.

I signed eleven free players this season.Yea, I know what's on your mind now.You must be thinking I'm crazy.Well, never try never know.Let's see what happen next.

I have high expectations for players like Matic, N'Gog,Dia and Makoun.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Q.P.R Spending Spree

Sorry for not keeping you guys updated with my QPR story...My bad for keeping you guys waiting.Anyway,here's the continuation of my Q.P.R story.

Last post, I was talking about buying Italian playmaker, Alberto Aquilani.He was the second signing after I splashed 25m on Sakho.

Now, I spent another 25.5m on another bright star.

Exactly what I need on the left side...Pace, power, trickery and skills...

Just in case you guys didn't know, he already scored one goal in friendly.Hopefully, he will gel well with the team and won't turn out as a flop.

Wondering if he can turn out as another little Messi in my team. *grinning*

FM 2010 - Manchester United Skin v 2.0

More FM 2010 skin to download.More FM 2010 graphic to share! Enjoy it guys!

File Description:
Manchester United Skin V 2.0 (FM2010)

4.34 MB

Created by:


Click to enlarge for better view

Set Up Guide:
1. Open Rar file to
"MyDocuments\Sports Interactive\Football Manager

  • 2. If Graphics and skins files do not exist, create them.

  • Links:

    *Disclaimer: I do not create or own the skin.Links were taken from other sources*

    Credit go to Piputd

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Chelsea Skin V1.0 by Piputd

    Another great skin by Piputd.

    File Description:
    Chelsea FC Skin V 1.0 (FM2010)

    4.86 MB

    Created by:


    Click to enlarge for better view

    Set Up Guide:
    1. Open Rar file to
    "MyDocuments\Sports Interactive\Football Manager

  • 2. If Graphics and skins files do not exist, create them.

  • Links:

    *Disclaimer: I do not create or own the skin.Links were taken from other sources*
    Credits go to Piputd

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    New Commentary Pack for FM 2010

    Sorry for not updating regularly.Have too much things to attend to in real life that I barely have time to even sleep!

    So, anyone heard of the new commentary pack for FM 2010?

    It had been distributed and shared in few forums.

    My advise is

    save a backup before you put the file into your game folder.A few of the posters who tried it were complaining that it ruined the whole game.

    Well, bet most of us miss that kind of commentary Andy Grey would put in..."Take a bow son, take a bow..." But let's just resist it for now until a more stable version / pack came out.

    That's for now.Will post regularly in these few days. Stay tuned and sorry once again.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    FM 2010 :Jermain Defoe

    Jermain Defoe,definitely one of the best striker in Premier League.

    Based on my save game, he had 3 impressive seasons with Spurs.In his 1st season, he single-handed pushed Spurs into top4. In his 3rd season, with him banging goals for fun, Spurs are standing firmly on 2nd in league standing.

    This is his stats for all 3 seasons in my game based on Patch 10.3.


    First Season:

    He started 39 games and scored 35 goals. 28 goals came from league games and 7 from cups.Another 13 assists in league.

    Total contribution for 1st season: 35 goals, 13 assist, 8 MOM.

    Second Season:

    In his second season, he played as much as 42 games and scored 29 goals and had a hand in another 14 goals scored by his teammates.

    Third Season:

    The season is still running...7 league games more but Defoe already scored 29 games.As if that's not enough, he also provided 13 goals...Another season where he scored 20 league goals.No wonder Spurs are standing firm at 2nd spot in league table...

    Past Injuries Record:

    Impressive fitness. The longest period he ever sidelined is 11 days.That's why in all 3 seasons, he played as much as 42 games,45 games...

    FM Freak Kid Scout Report Conclusion:
    In my save game,he is almost unstoppable...Great finishing...Stats might not be flowery like Crouch, Wayne Rooney but he is definitely around their level...if not better....

    From my pov, these are the pros and cons of signing him.

    -Home Grown(nation)
    -Great provider
    -No problem in adapting for any team in Premier League
    -Payable wage...(Wage stands around 50k+ for now in my game)
    -Discipline player. Zero red cards in my game and less than 10 yellow throughout his 3 seasons.
    -Fit and not injury-prone.

    -Won't come cheaply.English players are usually overpriced.
    -Height is a concern...

    Recommendation rate :

    4 /5 stars

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    FM 2010 Goal Machine

    Proudly present you...

    Artem Milevskiy...

    He is a goal machine that can adapts the lifestyle in England with no problem!

    I bought him in my 1st season for 4.2m pound sterling.Now, in 75% of my 3rd season...

    First Season:

    In his 1st season, he scored 20 goals and provided as much as 9 assists.For a foreigner, his performance is impressive.Adding to the above, for as little as 4.2m, he is really a bargain signing.

    Second Season:

    In his second season, he didn't reach the 20 goals expectation but still managed to scored 17 goals and had a hand on another 11 goals scored by his teammates.

    Third Season:

    The season is yet to finish but he already notched up 20 goals and another 10 assists...

    Past Injuries Record:

    Not that injury-prone if you ask me...The longest period he sidelined was 6 weeks and that was quite ok.Not very long and I would say he is rather fit in my game...

    FM Freak Kid Scout Report Conclusion:
    Based on my save game, he is fairly skillful...His stats might not be as great as those of Carlos Tevez or Wayne Rooney but he certainly know where and how to put the ball into the net.Great for any team in Premier League.Certainly worth more than the 4.2m I paid for him. Currently, estimated value at 7.5m pound steering.

    His name is kinda confusing with FM stating him as MilevskYI while wiki and others refer him as MilevskIY.

    Anyway, my scouting rate

    Adaptability: 9/10
    Finishing: 8/10
    Injury-proneness: 3/10

    and recommendation rate as follow:

    4 /5 stars

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Raid Spain For Gems

    The likes of Casillas, Xavi, Andrés Iniesta ,Carles Puyol, Raul and others all come from their club academy.

    Even Fabregas is from barca academy...

    This only proves that Spanish clubs have better academy that keep producing world class, quality players from their academy...

    So, why not raid them in our games?

    Let's not forget the rules allow us to raid them with no problem...except that we have to pay compensation fee.

    Normally, the compensation fee are peanuts.You get back more than what you paid as the players grow and improve further....

    My latest raid is one quality teen from Barcelona.It's a regen obviously but that doesn't matter now, does it?

    **************CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE****************

    He is only 18 but his skills are so much better than those older than him...

    18 Finishing... 18 Free kick taking... 17 heading....

    Well, if someone noticed, I paid him 67k per week for wage.Overpaid? Maybe...but that's the only way of bringing him in since he loves Barcelona FC that much that he refuse to join me at 1st until I tempt him with money...

    Favoured club - Barcelona...

    Beside high wages, I also have to offer him key player status in squad...

    I sound crazy but I guess my crazy act paid off...

    He scored 5, assisted another 4 goals in his 7 starts and 3 subs appearances...

    So guys, what are you waiting for? Start raiding :P