Sunday, February 28, 2010

Splashing The Cash!

I wonder if you read this post of mine last month.If you haven't , you should do it now simply by clicking HERE.

Apparently, last month, I was moaning about not having adequate wage cap that caused me missing out quality signings like Sakho

and Kroos.A season later, I made him my 1st signing of the season(as in the first signing where I splash the cash) by splashing as much as 25m pound on him!

2 times the money Palermo paid PSG to buy him!

His stats are as impressive as always!

Now, in my game, he is only 24 years old.Given how CB tend to be able to play until 35 or more, Sakho will have at least another 11-13 years of playing time. 25m probably is a bargain if he can gel well with his defensive partner, Otamendi.

Just in case you guys don't remember, I also signed another 2 french players on Free which I mentioned in my last few post.I'm trying to build a Le France club :P Hahaha! Meanwhile, guys, let me know what do you think about these 3 signings so far!

Friday, February 26, 2010

FM 2010 Finance

A lot of people don't really understand the finance of their club well that they start moaning around.I received quite a few of emails asking about the transfer money and asked if it's bugged.

"My board is so blood sucking that they dont give me the money I get from selling players!"

"My board sucks!"

"My board cheated me!"

"Is that bug?"

So on....

The fact is, they failed to understand the way finance of their clubs work.

Take a look at the screenshot attached.

See the arrow?

That indicates the money you will get from the sales of player.That means only 15% of the money I get from the sales of players get to add into my transfer budget.

For an example, if I get to sell Joe Hart 10m pound, I will only get 1.5m pound to be added into my existing transfer budget.

Why? Because the board had only made 15% of transfer revenue available and the rest will be taken away from you.

Things you should note:

1.Double confirm the transfer revenue made available because if I'm not mistaken, it varies every season.

2.Make sure of the % set by board before you cash in your key player in a bid to raise fund for another player because you might not hit the amount you wanna reach.

3.Debt-ridden clubs should sell players before new % set by board implemented because that would mean you get less money added into transfer coffer next season.Sell now!

4.For your information, QPR used to set me at 65%.Once they took loan for new stadium building, they reduced the transfer revenue available to 15%.It's a huge cut

5.Play smart by paying attention to your finance.You wouldn't want to miss a new Lionel Messi, a new Cristiano Ronaldo by chance just due to the lack of money simply because you are stupid enough not to pay attention to your finance!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

FM 2010 Patch 10.3

Due to the fact that someone left a comment asking for the latest patch, I think it would be better if I post up an announcement to clear everyone's doubt about the 10.3 patch.

For your information,based on the thread posted by one of the moderator of the official SI forum, Patch 10.3 (along with the January data update) is expected around the end of February/early March.

Until now,the patch is yet to be released.It will probably be in the next few days.Meanwhile, be patience and stay tuned to this site.I will share the link up and comes out with an installation guide once it is out!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lorena Bernal

Time for a little WAGs moment! This time we have Lorena Bernal who, according to, has been dating footballer Mikel Arterta since 2005.

Won Miss Spain in 1999 when she was 21!

If I'm not mistaken, they had their 1st baby last June.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fm 2010 Liverpool Skin

Another great skin by Piputd.

File Description:
Liverpool FC Skin V 1.0 (FM2010)

8.79 MB

Created by:


Click to enlarge for better view

Set Up Guide:
1. Open Rar file to
"MyDocuments\Sports Interactive\Football Manager

  • 2. If Graphics and skins files do not exist, create them.

  • Links:


    *The rest of the top four come next!*

    *Disclaimer: I do not create or own the skin.Links were taken from other sources*

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    FM 2010 Arsenal Skin

    Another great skin by Piputd.

    File Description:
    Arsenal Skin V 1.0

    8.59 MB

    Special Feature:
    Included Arsenal facepack

    Created by:


    Click to enlarge for better view

    Set Up Guide:
    1. Open Rar file to
    "MyDocuments\Sports Interactive\Football Manager

  • 2. If Graphics and skins files do not exist, create them.

  • 3.If you already have Faces in-game that your happy with then just navigate to.... C:/users/(username)/documents/sportsinteractive/FM10/skins/arsenal/graphics/pictures & just delete the person folder and it will revert back to your original facepacks.



    *The rest of the top four come next!*

    *Disclaimer: I do not create or own the skin.Links were taken from other sources*

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    FM 2010 - Manchester United Skin

    Just thought I should share this! A skin for all Manchester United fans who are playing Football Manager 2010!

    File Description:
    Manchester United Skin V 1.0


    Created by:


    Click to enlarge for better view

    Set Up Guide:
    1. Open Rar file to
    "MyDocuments\Sports Interactive\Football Manager

  • 2. If Graphics and skins files do not exist, create them.

  • Links:


    *The rest of the top four come next!*

    *Disclaimer: I do not create or own the skin.Links were taken from other sources*

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Pre Season Friendly And Signings

    In my last post, Anonymous asked for preseason report.So, this post will be talking about my preseason activity. Do take note that the title of the post incidate it's pre season friendly and not friendlies. I have no idea why but my assistant manager canceled out all preseason friendlies except one.Maybe, he is resting players for Community Shield...Maybe...

    Meanwhile, let's put the preseason friendly aside and talk about 2 signings I made because one of them happened to be the Man Of The Match for the friendly match!

    Encouraged by the fact that free signings can make a big impact, an example of Milan Baros, I decided to try out another few free signings.Two free signings...

    Coincidentally, these 2 players happen to be french players. Haha...Am I'm trying to build a team of Le France? The answer is..Nope!It's mere coincidence!

    The first french player is...

    David N'Gog

    *Too see his stats ,click to enlarge*
    This former Liverpool Football Club player happened to have his contract expired in the summer with PSG reluctant to offer him a new one.So, I jumped in and offered him a contract.

    Straight after he joined us, his estimated value increased to 6m pound! If he cant make any impact, I will sell him cheap... Even 3-4m is a profit for me. Heh!

    2nd player I signed is Mathieu Valbuena.Also on free...

    *Too see his stats ,click to enlarge*
    Actually, I signed him as a companion for french players I'm trying to sign like Ribery, Sakho and others.

    Now that, I have N'Gog in the house, he will serve as a good companion for N'Gog and can acts as a backup player for Salvio.I'm kinda short of AMR anyway. ;)

    Back to preseason friendly...

    Our only Friendly opponent is FC Lorient.

    Like I mentioned earlier, one of these free signings turned out to be man of the match.

    *click to enlarge*

    N'Gog managed to score 2 in 3 minutes.Another Baros in the making? Lol.Both happen to be former Liverpool former. Is that mere coincidence or former Liverpool flops forward have what it needs to do well in my club? Maybe I should try signing Djibril Cisse, Emile Heskey, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Keane and few others. :P

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    New contract!

    Short little post on how I am doing with my QPR.

    The board just offered me a new contract of 4 years with salary of 58k per week.

    I'm kinda fussy. So, I negotiated it and made it a year deal...Next summer, I will probably get a new contract again and I can ask for increment for my salary.Hah!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Francesco Totti

    I was browsing for players to be bought for my new season and found Totti by accident.

    His stats are impressive as always.I actually feel tempted to buy him but the problems are

    1. In my game, he is now 37 and 38 in few months.
    2. As a result of his advancing age, his pace and stamina left 1 respectively.
    3.When I clicked Personal in his profile page, it states he wants to see out his career with Roma.

    His stats as follow.The whole screenshot is too big and the fonts are too small.So, click to enlarge so that you can view it better and clearer.

    I have always been a fans of Totti. One of my favourite goal celebrations from Totti gotta be the tribute to his then-pregnant wife,Ilary Blasi where Totti imitated a childbirth scene by stuffing the ball under his shirt and laying on his back while his teammates extracted the ball.

    For those who doesn't know Ilary Blasi...She is the wife of Totti...and this is she...

    If I'm not mistaken, the two of them get married on the 19 of June 2005, in a ceremony that was streamed live throughout Italy.

    Fantastic player.A living legend.I am thinking about getting him as my coach if he retires at the end of season!

    Or maybe...I should try playing AS Roma after I'm done with Q.P.R!

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Largest Season Budget Ever !

    Well well well, it's the time again to know the season expectation and of course, the most important part of the game, the season budget.

    Winning the league, undoubtedly, raised the expectations higher with us having the need to at least qualify for the European Champions Cup.

    However, there are positives despite higher expectations.The wage cap now hits 1m p/w and I received the largest season budget I ever get in my entire QPR career!


    And it's pound sterling!!!

    So guys, suggest me few quality signings I should make to improve my squad ahead of new season! Thanks!

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Happy Chinese New Year

    FM Freak Kid would like to wish every chinese out especially readers from China , Taiwan and other Chinese in foreign countries

    Happy Chinese New Year in advance

    Wishing everyone great year ahead in the year of Tiger!

    For those who isn't celebrating Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine's Day in advance.Both fall on the same day so it's gonna be a busy Sunday. ;)

    Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself!

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Premier League Champion

    Sorry for the late update.Been busy attending to real life.

    A season ago, my Q.P.R narrowly lose out the title to Liverpool FC on 1 point.

    A season later, with the right signings, the right mentality, the right tactic used, the team finally managed to win the Premier League title.

    If winning it is something we should be happy about, then beating Liverpool FC to 12 points in title race is something we should be proud about!

    Manchester United, again finished outside of top four.I wonder why.They still sign a lot of superstars and big name players.Yet, they failed to even break into top 4.

    The reaction of us winning the league is of course, a little exaggerate with the fans being touted as not sleeping at night because hit by Premier Division fever.

    The board is , of cos, delighted with our achievement.

    All of a sudden, I'm the Hero for everyone...even Rodwell thinks so...Haha

    On individual awards, I won the manager of the year award

    and most importantly, the guy who made us the Champion, the guy who made me the manager of the year and the guy who made himself the topscorer.

    More updates later...Stay tuned!

    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    Bullying - When Attributes and Stats Are For Decoration!

    When you talk about bullying, obviously you think about big clubs.Well, this time around, smaller club like us happen to be the one bullying big clubs.Statistically, we bullied Liverpool FC.

    Prematch stats display both sides goalscorers.

    Funny how it turned out that Baros scored 17 goals more than Fernando Torres.Not only that, even Keirrison scored 1 more than Peter Crouch who started almost every game. I only play Keirrison on rotation with Cristaldo replacing him in some of the games.

    Anyway, my point is, you don't need to have players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka with awesome stats to win games.What you need is a player who suits the style of playing of your team and can gel well with your squad.

    Stats are nothing but decoration.

    Of course, too lousy stats won't work either.What I'm trying to say here is pick one player with decent stats is more than enough if he can gel well with the rest of the squad.

    Here's the difference of stats and attributes between Fernando Torres and Milan Baros.

    Click the photos for enlargement!

    Awesome stats of Fernando Torres but Baros who has a weaker stats scored more goals than him.

    At the end of the day, what counts is how you get the best of your players. If you can do it, even the player " signed on last resort" can be a star.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    January Short Update

    Just a short post because I just came back from a trip.

    January (in game) was a perfect month with my team meeting teams who are weaker.These 4 teams happen to be Bolton FC, Sunderland FC, Burnley FC and Swansea FC.

    No offense to Burnley FC and Swansea FC supporters but these 2 are the weaker team among all four opponents.

    Won all four matches. Too tired to go on details of all four matches after 22 hours flight! Click on the image to enlarge.

    P.S: Saw The Ziggy's post about winning against Valencia.How I wish I can be in the same shoes but I got knocked out at the same stage but a defeat against Inter Milan instead of Valencia....