Friday, November 20, 2009

Football Manager Wonderkid and Hot Prospects WITH SCREENSHOTS!

It becomes a challenge for all football manager players to buy Wonderkid and Hot prospects and breed and turn them into World Class players.

Today, Football Manager Freak Kid is proud to present you my very own list of Wonderkids and Hot prospects.To make it more convenience to all readers, every player is attached with its own screenshots to allow everyone read the stats easier.

-I will be updating this list on daily basis.So, it will be better if you check it frequently to see any new updates on the list.

-All players are sorted out based on their best/primary position.For example, Jovetic can play on left, right, center and as striker but his best position is on the left and he can only be found in the left midfielders section.

-Every list of every position highlights which attributes are important to make the list better and easier for readers to use.

This list is compiled by Football Manager Freak Kid and if anyone want to share it, please link it back to this page and give the credits to Football Manager Freak Kid.It's hard to compile such a long list and hope everyone can understand it.

Click on the position you want to link to the page consisting the wonderkids and hot prospects

-Last updated: 20-11-09

Centre Defenders:
-Last updated: 21-11-09

Left Back:
-Coming soon

Right Back:
-Coming soon

Defensive Midfielders:
-Coming soon

Centre Midfielders:
-Coming soon

Left Midfielders:
-Coming soon

Right Midfielders:
-Coming soon

Attacking Midfielders:
-Coming soon

-Last updated 16 Dec 2009


Anonymous said...

Nice list, appreciate the effort you've put in.
Could you have a few recomendations for lower league teams with limited budgets?

Aston said...

Two that my friend has been keeping an eye on, Reuben Noble-Lazarus of Barnsley and Rees Thomson of Lincoln, both potential England players in future.

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