Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sime Vrsaljko from Dinamo

Never heard of him? But hey, he got one of the best stats ever for someone as young as he is. Sime Vrsaljko is transfer listed at the start of the game. I have no idea why and don't bother either because it just makes my life easier if I have the money to buy him over!

Main attributes to be considered for a wing back.
1. Pace
2. Crossing
3. Positioning
4. Stamina
5. Marking

Already bought by Ath Madrid early in game...

Well, at the start of the game, his states are as follow

1. Pace - 15
2. Crossing - 13
3. Positioning - 11
4. Stamina - 17
5. Marking - 13

Very very good attributes for a 19 years old...Caught the eyes of big club and ended up in Atl├ętico Madrid for a fee of £3.2m

After three seasons at La Liga with Atl├ętico Madrid , he moves to Manchester United for a fee of £14m , at the age of 22!!!

Three seasons later...

Stats are now as follow:

1. Pace - 16 (Up 1)

2. Crossing - 14 (Up 1)
3. Positioning - 14 (Up 3)
4. Stamina - 19 (Up 2)
5. Marking - 15 (Up 2)

Not only he has the pace to beat opponents marker, his dribble skill stands at 13... Good concentration and determination. Have the strength to fend off physical challenge from opponent and most importantly versatile! He can also play in the midfielder which is an add point !

Possible Prized Away Fee At the start of the game: £2.7m - £3.2m


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